Chrysalism’s New EP ‘YOUR NAME HERE’ Is For All Brokenhearted Romantics Out There

Future vintage

Photo: Akira Trees / @a.trees

London-based artist Chrysalism has released his debut EP YOUR NAME HERE, a gorgeous collection of four songs that feel so vintage yet futuristic at the same time. You can call it pop, indietronica, R&B, whatever – the melodies are there to offer a surreal soundscape where Chyrsalism addresses the emotional weight of heartbreak while also pushing the boundaries of our imagination. Enjoy:

“I wanted to say something about this EP but I forgot what it was. It was meant to be named after someone but I forgot who. Fill in the blanks,” shared Chrysalism.

YOUR NAME HERE was produced by Heavy Heart’s Patrick Fitzroy and features Axel Oksby (Guitars), David Zbirka (Bass) and Oliver Torr (Synth).