Chris Ianuzzi’s EP ‘Olga In A Black Hole’ Is A Galactic Synthphony

A symphony beyond earth

Artwork: PR courtesy

NYC artist Chris Ianuzzi takes us on a journey beyond the stratosphere in his new EP Olga In A Black Hole, a collection of three anthems that present us Chris’ visionary take on indietronica. The title track, “Olga In A Black Hole,” has a fragmented fluidity to. It where the gleaming samples and stretchy melody swings between swelling ambience and ominous silence. It’s a nine-minute odyssey characterized with profound moments of intense stillness and bouts of dense moments. The following piece, “Hello,” is crafted with eerie choruses and glass-cutting synths that feel as if you’re receiving alien transmissions from outer space. The quivering rhythms and drilling samples gives a dark charm to it that often feels ominous. The final track, “Fork,” is built on a distorted smoothness where the synth-laden waves convey an intoxicating combination of grime thumps and lasering tones. Enjoy:

On his new music, Chris shared: “Trip in a New Future. I have started something different for myself.  Feels like a return to my roots in Electronic music. I had ventured to making song related music and now I am freeing myself of that structure and headed towards something new.”

Chris’ love for electronic music started at an early childhood after hearing the sound of a Moog synthesizer for the first time in his life at a music store. Since then, he has honed his skills and has performed at American Society of University Composers. He has also won Clio awards for synthpop music for commercials and his works have been selected for various events and entertainment including the Olympics in Japan, The Crime and Investigation Channel, and many more. Chris is currently working on his upcoming album, which he’ll be releasing later this year. Stay tuned.