Egomi & Zach Paradis Map Out Young Adulthood In ‘we’re all just growing up’

All the ups, downs, curves, and holes

Photo: PR courtesy

If adolescence injects you with hormones, then young adulthood slaps you in the face with existential crisis.  And there’s a very relatable and highly EP to navigate through all that hot mess titled we’re all just growing up by artists Egomi and Zach Paradis. The duo’s collab EP starts off with “Nineteen” where we encounter the novelty rush of being a young adult but still not hitting the 20s yet. Through a minimalistic harmony and bouncy choruses, Egomi channels the rush that comes with such hope-filled age. But soon he taps into the complexities that come with trying to pursue your dreams while juggling loneliness (“wasteland”) and the inevitable breakup (“Heartbreak”). But the anthem that gives you the most comforting sense of melancholia is the last one, “we’re all just growing up,” a mellow soundscape that helps you see things as they are and just go with the flow:

On their new EP, Egomi shared:

“This project was the culmination of a year of work and 4 years of experiences.  Both Zach and I are feeling the ups and downs of being young and growing up in the modern world, so we decided to put our experiences and emotions into a project.  The project starts when we were nineteen years old (hence the title of the opening track: “NINETEEN”) and flows til the final track (“we’re all just growing up”) which is where we currently are in life (at 23 years old).  This project has happy moments, and sad moments throughout, which is also very similar to real-life for us.  We talk about breakups, pursuing our dreams, career, faith, dedication, hardships, and many other things that you learn in your early twenties.  It’s my favorite and most meaningful project I have ever put out, and am super excited to see how it does.”

Egmoi is mostly known for producing the viral Christmas hit “Season’s Greetings,” which charted #1 on TikTok and #24 on iTunes Holiday charts. Zach is a Billboard chart-topping producer known for his #1 record Gotta Live. Egomi and Zach will be sharing music videos for every single off the EP, so stay tuned.