Matt Lande Adds His Own Magic To “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”

An 80s throwback

Photo: PR courtesy

Portland-based artist Matt Lande has shared his cover of Simple Minds’ iconic single “Don You (Forget About Me)” where he peppers the melody with his own sparks of edgy mojo. In Matt’s cover, there’s a more experimental and playful ambience that yields poppier moments. The song’s DNA belongs to a different era, but the melodic embellishments and Matt’s booming vocals add an invigorating oomph to it. Soaring over the swaggering synthesizers, Matt delivers a pitch-perfect cover of the song that captures its cinematic appeal as well as the chest-swelling romanticism of the song:

On his new cover, Matt shared: “I love New Wave music and ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ is such a great song from that time…lots of nostalgia there. It’s been exciting to break from doing my original music and become immersed in the 80’s for this project. I really dug into this song with a goal of reproducing the fantastic original vibe that it had, while giving it my own personal touch as well. I hope you enjoy my take on it.”

Originally from a small Central Florida town, Matt fell for music during his senior year of high school where he took a guitar class. He started songwriting, playing guitar, and singing for various local and regional bands before joining the alternative rock band StorySide: B, where he toured and co-wrote songs that climbed into the charts. After being with them for three years, Matt decided to move to Los Angeles where he became the singer, guitarist and producer for the band Heaven Is Where. For the next five years in LA, Matt released two full length albums including Stories From Yesterday and Welcome Home The Child. He decided to move into Portland in 2013 to get a new start with his career and released his highly acclaimed album GLOW in 2015. Matt is currently working on his new EP, which will be out later this year.