Sluka Makes Our Canine Dreams Come True In “VIP”


Photo: PR courtesy

San Diego-based artist Sluka is back with a new music video titled “VIP” where gifts us with starry-eyed visuals of puppies that run free as Sluka rocks in the center. Directed and edited by Eric Bishop, “VIP” delivers Sluka’s love for puppies but also the playful side that our furry companions can awaken from us. The song itself is a riff-packed, high-tempo ride where Sluka’s bursting vocals alongside the swishing percussions shoots your adrenalines up in the air. But the hook of “VIP” is found within its ambitious and subtly dreamy optimism – despite all the edginess, there is a youthful touch to “VIP” that fuels you with positivity. And paired with the puppy visuals, “VIP” feels like watching a rock’n’roll show in heaven:

On the video, Sluka shared: “Visit the nearest shelter and find a pet to rescue YOU!”

Comprised of Christopher Sluka (singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist), Li Viega (drums, vocals), Alexandra Holt (theremin, vocals), and anna Eppink (bass, vocals), Sluka has already eleven studio albums and a wide fanbase across the world. Sluka started off by Christopher, who was raised around various countries before he decided to launch his career as a musician in New York. And while he now lives in San Diego, his works continue to make waves across various cities. Aside from music, Christopher is also known for his visual works and surrealistic oil paintings that have been featured in galleries around major cities including Tokyo, Milan, New York and more.

“VIP” is from Sluka’s latest album Ready to Connect, which was released back in October 31st.