Strange Bones Take Us To Dystopian Disneyland In “Underdogs”

Double thriller

Photo: Will Shields

UK quartet Strange Bones throw us into a dystopian Disneyland world in their video “Underdogs.” The track is a heavy bomb of whooshing strings and gritty punk sounds that accentuate the quartet’s dexterity to make grand-sized euphony out of utter chaos. It’s highly therapeutic as “Underdogs” lets you vicariously unleash all then frustrations and cluttering thoughts out of you as we navigate through some of the most mediocre parts of our own system:

“The video was shot during storm Dennis in our North West dystopian Disneyland, Blackpool – the town that time forgot. It’s the story of a kidnapping, forced indoctrination, all in the name of perseverance, the fine line between breakthrough and breakdown,” explained vocalist Bobby Bentham.

“Underdogs” is from their upcoming EP Blitz Part 2, which will be out on April 10th. The quartet will be hitting the road in May:

May 06 – London, The 100 Club

May 07 – Manchester, Gorilla

May 10 – Glasgow King Tut’s, The Road To The Great Escape

May 11 – Dublin, The Road To The Great Escape

May 15 – Brighton, The Great Escape