Keep Calm And Play All The Rest’s “Move On”

Rock pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Rock pop quartet All The Rest gives us a foot-stomping anthem that we could use whenever we need to keep the wheel spinning titled “Move On.” Whether you’re in a career transition, facing breakups, or experiencing some life event, “Move On” is a song where the four vouches for continue with your path – even if it may have gone south. Through explosive choruses and grand-sized riffs, All The Rest reminds us to embrace changes:

On their single, the four shared: “‘Move on’ meets you right where you are, right when you need it; at least that’s what it did for us. Through these past couple of years our individual lives have changed so rapidly, and become complicated to say the least. This song happened to come into existence through a dark time for a couple of us specifically.  We haven’t really had any other choice but to keep going and have faith that it’s all going to work out…even when it doesn’t feel like it. That’s what ‘Move On’ is about. Maybe you can relate.”