KEYAH/BLU Throws The Best Me-Time Party In “If You Know”

Hip hop x electronic

Photo: Quann

London artist KEYAH/BLU throws the best me-time party in her new single “If You Know,” a breakneck firing piece where the blazing thumps paired with the lasering choruses hit you with a bomb of adrenaline. “If You Know” lets KEYAH/BLU’s vocals shine over the dark, optimistic melody that serves as an invitation to an I-love-me session:

“‘If You Know’ is dealing with your shit in a dark room and saying ‘this is me and I’m okay with that’.  I wanted to play around with textures that felt new to me. It’s not easy being vocal about doing certain things you, yourself, are super comfortable with in a world that wants you to think you’re wrong or undesirable for doing so. I wanted the lyrics to reflect that. If you know, you know.”

The track is from the gal’s upcoming debut EP Sorry, I Forgot You Were Coming, which will be out on March 16th. You can catch her onstage next month:

17 Apr | Concrete Lates, Southbank Centre, London

4 Apr | Bird On The Wire, Studio 9294, London