AyChibs Shares Garage-Infused Hip-Hop Single “Grounded”

Ft. Weyland McKenzie, Careless, and Penny Morr

Photo: Nwaka Okparaeke

London artist AyChibs flexes his creative muscles in new single “Grounded” ft. Weyland McKenzie, Careless, and Penny Morr. Hybridizing the raw elements of garage with futuristic beats, he creates an edgily groovy hip-hop anthem that playfully induces you with its hip-shaking mojo:

On his new single, AyChibs shared: “I decided to go for a little garage bounce cos it was so vibesy, I don’t even know what inspired that, but it felt right. When I finished the beat, I played it in a few DJ sets just to see how it felt and everyone loved it.”

AyChibs has been DJ’ing for the past three years and has hosted various radio shows. He’s also the founder of A Bit of Everything (ABOE), a creative enterprise that helps artists connect through projects and experiences. He also releases music on SoundCloud under his alter-ego RnB Chibs.

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