#Bloomerangs’ ‘Moments And Fragments’ Is A Savory Jazz Record

From contemporary to Latin-inspired songs

Photo: PR courtesy

Comprised of guitarist/music director Rodrigo Cotelo and drummer/composer Chris Parker, #Bloomerangs is a band that is pushing the boundaries of jazz through their own experimental takes. Their latest record Moments and Fragments is the perfect jazz record to savor while drinking coffee, doing work, chilling or hosting sophisticated parties. Featuring Stefan Lenthe on bass and Clay Wulbrecht on piano, it’s an instrumental album that ranges from classic to neo jazz where its smooth opener “Home” warmly invites you with its mellow vibe, making a soul soothing track. But the following track, “Leaps And Bounces,” offers an upbeat soundscape where the percussions and high-tempo feels like a party starter. Similarly, “Untold” feels like a quick dance where the band peppers it with Latin elements.

The record also includes the International Songwriting Competition Jazz semi-finalist songs “In Some Shape or Form” and “S   Mitchell St.” The former is a breakneck affair of gliding chords and sparkling beats that fizzle playfully in your ear. The latter is a far more chillaxed tune that you would find yourself indulging on a lazy Sunday.

There’s a pattern throughout the record that you can notice as you dive in further. The swift, bouncy songs are accompanied by downtempo relaxed ones that give you an equal dose of thrill and chill. “Catch A Clue” kicks off with handclaps that quickly turn into a swirling soundscape while is subsequent piece “Another Melancholy Waltz” has a moodier and serene tone. In “After The Fact,” the quartet rolls in quietly before letting the beats slither as the piano drops fall speedily. But the most surprising moment of the record is when you arrive to “Layers of Complexity.” Unlike its title, the tune is a weaved with acoustic strings that offer the most minimalistic moment of the record.

In “Change of Pace” we witness the fusion of contemporary jazz with the edginess of rock’n’roll where the striking chords bring a rawness to the soundscape. #Bloomerangs help us digest the energy of such track in the next one, “Mind Your F,” a fluid midtempo piece graced with colorful samples and rhythmic twists that make you feel like you’re in a flow state. Similar to “Layers of Complexity,” we encounter another brief moment of acoustic relaxation in “Normality Links” where the four wraps our head with deep-cutting, yet lonely guitar strings.

The final piece “That Sums It Up” is an elegant wrap-up where the band don’t speed up or down and just keep you suspended in a delicate stream of midtempo harmony. Moments and Fragments is a record that keeps you moving, but also offers interludes from your routine that makes it an exquisite rendezvous of its own.

Moments and Fragments will be out on March 27th.