HÅN Breaks Down One-To-On Power Dynamics In “Lens”


Photo: PR courtesy

HÅN unpeels the complicated layers of power dynamics that exist in a relationship in her new single “Lens,” an ethereal pop piece that radiates a dark glow. “Lens” is a close-up into how lopsided power can turn into abuse in any relationship. Through dreamy layers and experimental elements, HÅN dives deeper into the theme while letting the melody swell with its stretchy tone:

“It’s about the abuse of power and the ways in which it creeps in relationships between people. It is very easy to feel held back, not being able to express what you think freely and this track is a sort of reminder to the relevance of doing it instead. It is a statement saying that in the end I will always be the one to decide for myself”

The gal is scheduled to tour across Germany towards the end of this month:

3/26 – Hafen 2 (Offenbach am Main, Germany)

3/27 – Kulturschiff Blaue Donau (Haren, Germany)

3/28 – Privatclub Berlin (Berlin, Germany)

3/29 – Kulturhaus Dock 4 (Kassel, Germany)