Pizzagirl Unleashes His Inner Napoleon Dynamite In “cape canaveral”

And it’s truly a masterpiece

Still from Pizzagirl – cape canaveral (Official Video)

Pizzagirl lets his inner Napoleon Dynamite spirit take full control while channeling Flashdance in his new video “cape canaveral,” where we see him let his body speak with the melody. The video features Pizzagirl in a dim stage where the spotlight is on him, free of distractions. It is also an ode to the classic iPod and wired earphones:

On the video Director Corey Rid shared: “When the opportunity comes to go barefooted and boogie with Pizzagirl, you take it. We left the scene to be super stripped back & simple so his moves could do all the talkin’. And by Joe did it work. Step aside the Macarena.”

Be on the lookout for more delicious singles from the Beatzerria this year.