Beatrich’s “Flashback” Is An Ode To First-Time Rush


Photo: PR courtesy

Lithuanian artist Beatrich captures the novel rush of emotions that first-time lovers experience in her new single “Flashback.” It’s a chic pop piece where Beatrich’s vocals add a layer of luring lush to it that make “Flashback” a glimmering soundscape to marvel in – enjoy:

On her new single, Beatrich shared: “For me, ‘Flashback’ was always the song that had to come next. When I was writing it, it felt as though it was the first song I was truly writing from my heart. Essentially it’s about love, about that feeling you get for the first time, when you’re all in. You know there are going to be consequences and you know you’re going to get hurt – but you can’t do anything about it”

Beatrich has festivals and shows coming up:

May 14th – The Great Escape @ Brighton, UK

July 16th – Benicassim, Spain

August 1st – Granatos, Lithuania