GUM Makes All Of Our Me-Time Dreams Come True In “Out In The World”

Despair through a dreamy lens

Photo: Laura-Lynn Petrick

GUM, the solo project of Jay Watson, has shared the video for “Out In The World,” where he sails through the gut-wrenching feeling of just giving up and shutting down from humanity. The track is a breezy, moody piece where the playful rhythmic arrangements and buoyant atmosphere yield a sense of empathetic comfort Directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick, the video follows GUM strolling and traveling solo through vintage cinematic lens:

On the new single, GUM shared: “The song is about the feeling of wanting to give up and never talk to anyone ever again after something goes wrong,” shared Watson. “It started off as a jangly 12 string folk sort of thing, before morphing into my version of Fleetwood Mac meets Cleaners From Venus. It features very little keyboard and synthesizer for me and more guitars than I’ve used in a while, it was important to have that texture.”

Stay tuned for more music from GUM this year.