WRECK’s “Toyboy” Is The Best Garage Rock Therapy For Any Bottled Anger

It’s like a melodic punchbag

Photo: Artist courtesy

Whether the world, someone, something, or all of the above has been cluttering your mind with anger, WRECK’s latest track “Toyboy” is an explosive piece that lets you purge out any frustrations through its smashing beats. It’s unapologetic and keeps you on top of the cathartic heaven of rock’n’roll from beginning to end. Listening to “Toyboy” feels like you’re diving into euphonious madness that gives you the same kind of endorphins you get when beating a punchbag:

WRECK started off as the bedroom project of frontman Diogo da Silva and quickly expanded with Matt Kennedy on guitar and Sam Serazin on drums. WRECK has been making waves in their home city of Norwich where they’ve played around numerous local venues. “Toyboy” is from their upcoming EP Satisfied?, which will be out in early April.