Proud Creature’s ‘Opening Creature’ EP Is An Abstract Melodic Trip


Photo: PR courtesy

Proud Creature, aka the solo project of Todd Brozman, takes us into a soundscape of abstractions in. his new EP Opening Creature. Inspired by Todd’s own experiences traveling and exploring new places as well as spiritual practices, Opening Creature is a compilation of five tracks that beckons the listener into a private headspace journey. The opener “Major Trouble” is a buoyant piece where the dripping melody tiptoe as the swelling atmosphere in the background yield a playfulness. In “Discovery of the Future,” Proud Creature takes us on a more spiritual trajectory where the twinkling synths and smooth buzz lifts you away from the present and let your mind wander around.

“The Rookery” has an ominous start at first where the synthwaves channel the pre-cathartic intensity. But this feeling quickly balances out by the colorful samples and effects that combined together offer a dreamy space to chill. In “Pines,” Todd manages to translate the sound of nature through rustling and swishing electronics. But the highlight of the track starts around 1:40 when he introduces a ringing melody that hooks you immediately. As the track progresses, we hear indistinguishable choruses that feel more like mantric chants. The final piece “Easter Lines” is built on distorted euphony where the stretchy atmospherics and echoing voices make it feel like a final prayer.

Opening Creature EP reflects travels and explorations I’ve had over the past few years. I’m trying to capture the headspace that opens up when we venture out of our default mindset and into something broader and more abstract. For me, these spaces have been explored through travel, dreams, nature, and spiritual exploration,” shared Todd.

Todd started playing the piano at the age of six and started getting more involved with making his own music during his college years at Wesleyan University where he ran a radio show. Following college, he moved to the Bay Area where he spent his time playing across venues and performing as a jazz pianist. After Bay Area, Todd decided to move to New York and has been living for the past ten years. Todd has produced and recorded with various artists including with KYOSi and as part of the improvisational duo Moon Casual. Proud Creature is Todd’s solo project and his latest endeavor.