If You’re Lost In General, Here’s Ivytide’s “Blurr”

Chill dream pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Montreal-based quintet Ivytide nestles us into that hazy space of uncertainty, confusion, and emotional chaos in their new single “Blurr.” It’s a dreamy indie pop piece where the swooning synths, swelling ambience, and crooning choruses yield a mental buoyancy. Despite the tranquility within the melody, the lyrics break down the loss of connection we experience when our views and emotions stop aligning with each other. Kudos to lead singer Nathan for freezing his ass in -18°C to shoot the video:

“This song encapsulates the feeling of losing touch, reflecting the distance between two people that comes from a disparity in perceptions, emotions, and perspectives,” shared the band.

“Blurr” is from the band’s upcoming EP Pardon our distance, which will be out soon.