Vistas Summed Up Their Rock’N’Roll Journey In “15 Years”

Think of it as the Wikipedia track of the album

Artwork: PR courtesy

Scottish trio Vistas has shared a new single titled “15 Years,” an indie rock piece saturated with smashing riffs and flooding drumkicks that capture the trio’s journey from playing in underground venues to making an album. An energetic and bold piece, “15 Years” is a celebration of a band that has navigated through all the ups and downs:

“‘15 Years’ was written at the very end of the album recording process. We were looking for a song that tied together the sentiment of the album and I think we found that in ‘15 Years.’

In the song, I thought through the journey we took to get to the record and what could happen after it. It’s about remembering that we cut our teeth in small basement venues playing to just a few people which slowly grew. Overall, I think it’s a thank you to anyone who’s a fan of our band and that we’ll always remain hugely grateful to anyone who connects in any way to our music.”

The track is from their upcoming debut album Everything Changes In The End, which will be out on May 29thvia Believe.