Dana Gavanski Measures The Distorted Nature Of Perceptions In “Small Favours”

Folk pop

Photo: Tess Roby

Serbian-Canadian artist Dana Gavanski taps into then distorted nature of our own perceptions in her new folk pop single “Small Favours.” Melodically, Dana settles for minimalism and lets her voice be the driving chic voice of the song that gives us a calm, serene place to meditate. It is also a sonic model of the way small and big can coexist – while there is a small dose of percussions present, Dana’s vocals make a big presence in the track:

“‘Small Favours’ expresses cheekiness. A playful dismissal of heaviness and getting bogged down by emotions, acknowledging how things may seem small when they’re big and big when they’re small,” shared Dana.

The track is from the gal’s upcoming album Yesterday Is Gone, which is out on March 27th via Flemish Eye Records.