Honey Lung Captures The Struggles Of Hustling In “Juggle”

Shoegazey rock

Photo: PR courtesy

London quartet Honey Lung sums up the ups and downs of hustling in their new single “Juggle,” a fizzling indie rock piece that soars with the gauzy layers of shoegaze. “Juggle” is both packed with boldness, anger, and joy that comes with being a band navigating through a tricky industry. It’s dreamy yet channels the restless angst that comes with spinning the wheel:

“Sometimes we can all feel like we’re a juggling act and it’s tiring. We wrote ‘Juggle’ initially as an angry jam that eventually turned into a song. It was one of those songs that would always be in the back of our minds and we always knew we would return to it; it was just a matter of time,” shared frontman Jamie Batten.

“Juggle” is from their upcoming EP Post Modern Motorcade Music, which will be out on May 29th.