MDWS’ “Old Friends” Is For All Of Us Experiencing Unwanted Change

Chill indietronica

Photo: PR courtesy

Aussie artist MDWS has shared his latest single “Old Friends,” a slow-burning waltz of indietronica that taps into the loss, confusion, and loneliness that one feels when they face unwanted changes. Through a deliberate combination of psychedelic elements, “Old Friends” offers a buoyant soundscape filled with nostalgia and reflection:

On his new single, MDWS shared: “I wanted to write a song through the eyes of a 10-year-old me, everything he felt with the loss of a close friend and then uprooting his life to move countries in the same year.”

Callum Meadows is the maestro behind MDWS who has previously worked with other artists such as dennis., Keelan Mak and Charlz. He’s currently getting ready to roll out his upcoming EP, which will be out in mid 2020 so stay tuned.