Ruben Dawnson Hops Between Self-Love & Self-Criticism In “SAYIMGOOD”

Song about the most complicated relationship on earth

Photo: PR courtesy

Norwegian artist Ruben Dawnson addresses the ambiguous relationship we have within ourselves in new single “SAYIMGOOD.” A smashing pop piece, “SAYIMGOOD” shows Ruben’s dexterous ability to build a breakneck intensity using lo-fi rhythms. If you love and hate yourself, then this is just for your:

On his new track, he shared: “This song, like the whole ep, is very introspective. It revolves around the feeling of not being in a healthy state. It switches back and forth between singing to myself in third person, and from myself in first person – which symbolizes a certain duality and disorientation. Self-love and self-criticism.”

“SAYIMGOOD” is from Ruben’s upcoming debut EP Echo Emotions, which will be out on May 8th.