Tafari Anthony Delivers The Ultimate Midfinger To His Narcissistic Ex In “Centerfold”

R&B pop

Photo: Daniel Lastres

Toronto-based artist Tafari Anthony sends a delightfully groovy midfinger to his self-absorbed ex in his new single “Centerfold,” an invigorating synthpop piece that features Tafari’s dexterity in delivering go-fuck-yourself message with sophistication. “Centerfold” is a lush piece where the burning emotional intensity and lighthearted sass help us purge any ex-related baggage. Directed by James Hunter, the video shows Tafari’s in the surreal urban landscapes where he leaves a sweet message at the end:

“I’m a pretty calm guy, but when I get to my breaking point, it’s hard to hold my tongue. This song was written from sheer frustration of trying to let him down gently and realizing that he just refused to understand,” shared Tafari.