DeQn Sue Teaches Us Another Synonym For Shitty Ex In Her New Single “Troll”

Let’s dance about it

Photo: PR courtesy

DeQn Sue help us exorcise (emphasis on ex) all the emotional toxicity and baggage with her new single “Troll” – a healthy blend of funk, R&B, and pop that makes you wanna dance. Even if you have no shitty exes. “Troll” is a swirling blend of syncopated beats that smash and infuse with each other, yielding a chaotically hip-shaking effect. Hit play:

“I wrote ‘Troll’ about an ex…in the song I’m talking to him in that ‘hindsight is 20/20’ kinda way.  All the things I should have noticed and didn’t. All the things I should have said something about when it bothered me but didn’t. All the fucking red flags I ignored. How in failing at something I thought I wanted to work, I learned so much about me and my limits, needs and wants…‘Troll’s like a final purge from that relationship and being happy to be done with it. Lessons learned,” she shared.

Originally from Alabama, DeQn’s works have been previously featured in Netflix original series Orange is the New Black and making waves across the media. Be on the lookout for more drops from the gal this year.