NZCA LINES Taps Into Trashy Glamour In “Pure Luxury”

An artsy look into our tragic desires

Photo: PR courtesy

NZCA LINES captures the trashy and superficial side of glamour in new single “Pure Luxury.” With his sassy dark humor, NZCA LINES dissects the rotten core that stands buried beneath the layers of overconsumption and superficiality that we get brainwashed. The song is NZCA LINES’ melodic offspring that suffers from hyperactivity to our delight – it bites right into our reward center:

On his new single, NZCA LINES shared: “It’s a sadistic joyride set in penthouse suites where the gold trim hides a rotting plywood facade, muscle cars are bought with credit cards and barbed wire fences separate luxury resorts from the slums beyond their walls. The fantasy of attainment in a world that has no future.”

NZCA LINES is named after Peruvian geoglyphics and is the solo project of Michael Lovett, who has previously played on Christine and the Queens’ recorded works. He has also performed live as part of Metronomy and has garnered wide acclaim for his previous two LPs across the world. And speaking of records, he’s working on releasing another one this year so stay tuned.