Surf Rock Is Dead Soundtracked The Last Minutes Of Apocalypse In “Immaculate”

In the end, it is what it is

Photo: Shamshawan Scott

Have you ever imagined what your last-minute conversations would be like before the world ends? No. Fortunately, Surf Rock Is Dead did all the work for you and captured it into one dreamy anthem titled “Immaculate” where they delineate the dialogue between a couple who go through all the stages of confusion, regret, wtf, and semi-acceptance. Through clashing waves of strings and oozy psychedelic aura, “Immaculate” nestles us on the verge of doom. It’s stressful, but at the same time kinda enlightening:

On the single, the duo shared:

“’Immaculate’ was a new approach for SRiD. The sonic textures are more varied than we’d approached in the past. ‘Immaculate’ is like a lyrical stream-of-consciousness flow. In our heads the song is painting a scenario similar to this: The world as we know it is coming to end. You’re with your partner having your last dialogue ever, trying to figure out what the fuck happened and how things could have been different. Everything will be gone soon but those last moments in the present still remain somehow immaculate and pure.”

The track is from the duo’s debut LP Existential Playboy, which will be out on May 1st.