Kimberly Hou’s EP ‘Opus One’ Is Piano Xanax To Our Soul

Meet the SF classical artist

Photo: PR courtesy

San Francisco-based artist Kimberly Hou presents us her own visionary contemporary classical sound in her EP Opus One. It’s a piano EP that feels like melodic Xanax, which we can all use during this ongoing isolation. Over the course of four ballads, Kimberly explores various chapters of life while also letting her listeners pour out their own thoughts. Pro tip – goes well with wine, coffee, or tea:

The opener “Field of Memories” moves at a delicate midtempo as the dripping piano harmony pulls our nostalgia strings. The soundscape feels like you’re quietly cherishing one memory at a time in slo-mo. Kimberly leaves this pace in “Reflections” as she captures the chaotic ways our thoughts from the past can flood us through the uptempo beats. It’s moodier and feels as if you’re going through both the positive and negative sides of the past. “Dancing in Time” is an intricately built piece that feels weirdly cheery yet sad at the same time. It makes the listener feel like they’re dancing with someone who might be their friend or foe…or even frienemy. Kimberly wraps up the record with “For My Love,” a delicate and starry-eyed piece that glides with a warm summer-ish flair.

“I wrote my first EP, Opus One, to offer different perspectives of experiencing various chapters of life. Reminiscing about moments of beauty, wonder, and loss – yet emerging ever stronger, cherishing life and loved ones even more from the present moment onwards,” the gal shared.

Kimberly, who began playing the piano at the age of four, graduated from Columbia University-Juilliard School Exchange Program in New York City and has won various awards and recognitions. She was named as the Presidential Scholar in the Arts by the White House in 2012 and won First Prize in the 2009 Music Teachers National Association Junior Piano Competition, and many more. She has also composed for films, video games, podcasts, and documentaries.