Stephanie Catlett Explores The Cycles Of Romance & Faith In ‘Meet Me In The Dream’

Indie Americana

Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from Iowa City, Stephanie Catlett crafts her own sound of indie Americana by utilizing elements of folk and country that yield a celestial, down-to-earth sound. Her debut EP Meet Me In The Dream is simple, but the emotions that she channels are rich with honesty and her own experiences. Opening with “Ruined Houses,” Stephanie breezes through the brokenhearted lane as she gently brushes us with the glimmering strings. “Changing ain’t easy” chants Stephanie as she takes us onto the hefty process of letting go.

The following track “Forsythia” starts off with violin strings that are quickly joined by moody upbeat percussions. Through nature imageries, she taps into having faith while letting the gliding strings create a dreamy ambience. In “So, David” she goes deeper into country roots as she explores self-love. “Only so many people will tell you you’re beautiful” she chants. There’s an undeniable sense of trust in finding the right people and beauty within oneself throughout the song. Stephanie goes back to nostalgia in “Nothing but Fine” as she reflects back on childhood. The closing anthem “Am I Still” feels like a slo-mo dance as Stephanie showers you with crooning lyrics longing for a past lover.

The EP is Stephanie’s lifelong creativity and bold career move. “Putting out this album was an act of courage for me. After a career as a marketing writer promoting others’ work, Meet Me In the Dream is the first project that I have created out of myself, completely from my own experiences and impressions. While the dream world of the album is one of false starts, missed chances and loss, there remains a core of resilience and persistence that hopefully won’t be overlooked by the listener,” she shared.

Meet Me In The Dream was produced by Stephanie Catlett and recorded/mastered by Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studios.