Bajillionaire’s “Canadia” Is Dedicated To Your Girlfriend…In Canada

“Yeah I’ve got a girlfriend! But she’s living in Canada”

Photo: PR courtesy

Sydney-based artist Bajillionaire (what an amazing moniker) offers an insightful introspection on the roles of time and space in our brain chemistry when it comes to emotional attachment…just kidding. He just raps about the longing and emosh rollercoaster that you go through when your gfriend decides to move to “Canadia.” It’s a semi self-mocking piece where Bajillionaire reflects how his heartbreak kinda ended up sounding like a 4th grader. And it’s delicious:

In his own words:

“So the story of this song is a little convoluted… it starts with me going on a few dates with a girl, you know, the usual situation,” explained Bajillionaire.  It is going well and nothing of note happens, until one day she tells me she is moving to Canada on a uni exchange. So heartbroken me obviously decides the write a song or 10 about it. After writing the chorus and the hook for this song, I had this realisation that I sound like that friend you had in 4th grade who would be like ‘yeah I’ve got a girlfriend! But she’s living in Canada’.  So that’s how the dumbass idea for this song was born; heartbreak and my stupid sense of humour. In terms of the song itself, it’s just fun and silly. It dips in and out of reality, and the chorus is real bouncy, and if you can’t figure out from the rest of the song it’s just meant to be a little fun, there’s even a sax solo at the end as the cherry on the ice cream. It really is just a fun, silly, song, and I hope people love it!”

And if you don’t have a gurlfriend in Canadia, what have you been doing with your life? Seriously.