Drew Makes Noise’s “Satellite” Video Is Galactic Toy Story

Psychedelic neo-pop

Still from Drew Makes Noise – Satellite

Belfast-based artist Drew Makes Noise presents us with his DIY music video “Satellite” where he uses marionettes and sci-fi imagination to illustrate a galactic odyssey. The song is neo-pop polished with psychedelia that sends our imagination skyrocketing to another dimension. Honestly, any other dimension is better than the current reality:

On creating the music video, he shared:

“This was full-on DIY. I disappeared for 4 full months to build a model world for characters and space ships to live in. The bearded character was loosely meant to be me but as time went on I felt like he actually ‘was’ me and I, him and that I was living in a movie within a movie. I was going through my own hero’s journey to do something I have never done before. The scene with the live-action sawing and working in the shed was like method acting, as that’s what my life was like making the video. Life was imitating art and I lost my mind a little. After each scene was filmed I actually did some minor grieving as each time I thought a little person or thing I had created had died and left me. Now I know why actors and directors go crazy!”