Brad Stank Makes Meditation Sexy With “Breathing Like A Baby” Ft. Ryshon Jones

Not your typical spa meditation music

Photo: Corey Rid

If you’ve been struggling to find your spiritual balance, then play Brad Stank’s “Breathing Like A Baby” ft. Ryshon Jones. It has a cheery haziness to it that elevates you to the exquisite heights of inner peace. Even if you’re not into meditation, this is breezy sexy anthem to laze around:

The track was inspired by Jack Kerouac’s novel Wake Up, which tells the story of Buddha. “He describes the stillness and innocence of young Siddhartha meditating as ‘breathing like a baby’ shared Brad. “I just liked the sound of that phrase and I decided to steal it!”

“Breathing Like A Baby” is from his upcoming debut album Kinky Om, which will be out via Heist or Hit on June 5th.