NZCA LINES Invites Us Into His World Of Dirty Couture In “Pure Luxury”

Haute mess alert

Photo: Alina Rancier & Michael Lovett

London-based artist NZCA LINES beckons us into the world of dirty couture where he showers us with glamour, sarcasm, and blood in his new video “Pure Luxury.” It’s a visual feast of tainted excess that illustrates how greed can cannibalize beauty ad nauseum. Directed by Alina Rancier and NZCA LINES, “Pure Luxury” is an indulgence of the best and the worst of our material world:

“It’s an all singing, all dancing journey into my own personal world of glamour and luxury, held together by cardboard, drenched in blood, and billed to your company’s expense account. We set out to make a gender-reversed Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and this is where we ended up. Enjoy.”