Beachtape’s EP ‘Bigger Picture’ Is A Reflection On Monotony & Weird Reality

Slacker rock

Photo: Pilar Matij-Cabello

Brighton-based quartet Beachtape has unveiled their new EP Bigger Picture, an introspective record that addresses the inevitable monotony of life and all the chaotic events in-between that makes it worth it – love, existential crisis, changes, etc. Bigger Picture also dives into the weirdness of living in an apocalypse, which feels like it all happened overnight. Hit play:

On their new record, the quartet shared: “These songs are inspired by our day to day lives, monotonous ways, relationships and the changes entailed. The EP was written and recorded over a few months where a lot changed. Bigger Picture represents our outlook on moving forward from a weird time for us. Coincidentally into the even weirder time we are living in now with what’s going in the world.”

Rory Sear (Vocals, guitar), Robbie Carman (Guitar), Andy Kemp (Bass) and Leo Kenyon (Drums) are the humans behind Beachtape.