Practice The Art Of Unfeasible Romance With Ayelle’s “Overtime”

When wrong feels right

Photo: Polly Hanrahan

Swedish-Iranian artist Ayelle addresses the way we often times go against reason and logic when it comes to relationships in new single “Overtime.” It’s a slow-burning, R&B piece where the woozy choruses and subtle pop glossiness delineates the ominous desire between two people who are separated by distance. Enjoy:

“’Overtime’ is about not expecting a relationship to become anything serious but deciding to keep spending time with each other even though there are a thousand logical reasons why it shouldn’t work, such as distance and being at different points in your life, but when you’re not looking for anything serious is usually when it hits you. This song is about those early stages where you decide to give something a go against all odds because it just feels right.”

The track is from Ayelle’s upcoming NOMAD mixtape, out on May 15th.