Treasure’s EP ‘Suffocation & Air’ Is A Celebration Of Selfhood

Indie rock

Photo: PR courtesy

UK artist Treasure chronicles his own journey of self-acceptance and love in his new EP Suffocation & Air, an 9-track collection indie rock dipped with elements of funk, jazz, and pop that radiates boldness. The opener “ You & I” nestles us into an intense, vulnerable space where Treasure shares his fears after a traumatic assault. In “More” he addresses our never-ending greed for consumption, where he also admits “all I could think of was spending money on material goods because that’s what everyone else was doing. Little did I know that no amount of material could fill the void.” Suffocation & Air is an unfiltered record where Treasure comes to accept himself, even his flaws, in his journey of growth. Stream below:

“I’ve always struggled to fit in and can’t find my place in this industry or world even, but I’m okay with that. Music is my way of protesting my unapologetic individuality,” shared Treasure.

Suffocation & Air is out everywhere.