Cassowary Addresses Our Vainglorious Lust In “Starlight”

Lo-fi hip-hop

Photo: Kristy Benjamin

LA-based Cassowary taps into the tricky territory of our desire for fame in new single “Starlight,” where he reflects on our inevitable tendency towards spotlight and all the unexpected mess that comes with it. The track is a laidback melody of lo-fi beats graced with breakneck choruses where Cassowary pours out his own experiences and thoughts – enjoy:

“‘Starlight’ is about the allure of fame, wanting to be a star and the infatuation with that…I was inspired by the common belief that fame can fix your problems and gives you all the answers, when the reality is that exposure can ultimately lead to complications. I wanted to show my inner dialogue on the situation, and also relate to people’s desire to be significant,” shared Cassowary.

The track is from his upcoming self-titled album, which will be out on April 24th.