FEVA’s “I Wanna Know” Is An Existential NTS


Photo: Dan Stark

If 2020 has made you forget who you are, FEVA is giving us an existential note-to-self in the form of explosive anthem titled “I Wanna Know.” It’s a bursting rock piece where FEVA smashes our brains with self-reflective lyrics that reminds us who we are at the core. For all of us who have been clouded by soul-crushing news and cabin fever, hit play:

On the single, FEVA shared: “‘I Wanna Know’ is a song about reflection. As we make our way through life it’s easy to lose ourselves and get caught up in things that in time, we realise never even mattered. This song is about taking a step back and remembering who you are and who you were, when life took its toll on you.”