daste.’s EP ‘Same As It Ever Was’ Is Smoothly Satisfying


Photo: Maxwell Byrne (aka Golden Vessel)

Aussie trio daste. takes us on a highly smooth and often risqué journey in their new EP Same As It Ever Was, a compilation of four tracks that is weaved with silky elements of soul and slow-burning tones of R&B. The EP includes two never before heard songs, the EP title anthem “Same As I t Ever Was” and “Telephone (What’s Your Name?).” Dive in:

“We were inspired by artists such as Two Another and Parcels, as well as some classical jazz music that we happened to stumble across around the same time. We also became attached to this phrase ‘Same As It Ever Was’ after Callum heard it in a Talking Heads song (Once In A Lifetime). As we progressed through the writing phase of the ep we felt this phrase would be the perfect title for this darker sound we were working on, a sound which felt quite different to the Palette EP but still had our signature sound and overall daste-i-ness. It felt like us, and as far as we were concerned things had never changed because it came so naturally.”