Glassio’s “A Million Doubts” Is An Homage To All Of Our Fave People

Present and absent

Photo: PR courtesy

NY-based artist Glassio has shared his latest laidback electropop single “A Million Doubts,” an ode to our loved ones who may or many not be with us. Through glistening synth layers and brain-massaging ambience, Glassio delivers a kick dreamy introspection that has a pinch of melancholic nostalgia to it. Enjoy:

On his new single, he commented:

“As a song, I was writing it with my late grandmother in mind. She passed when I was 6 years old, and I wanted the song to pay homage to the people no longer with us that we think of making proud through our careers and through our lives without them. The people that are always on our mind when something good or bad happens to us. When I finished the first mix I remember going up to my roof and staring at the moon for hours and feeling really close to people no longer in my life. At the time I really needed a song to serve that function and I think this one really did and still does.”

“A. Million Doubts” is from his upcoming debut LP For The Very Last Time, which will be out on July 23rd.