JXST J Nestles Us Into The Final Stage Of Emotional Grief In New Single “Like U Used 2”

Lo-fi, chill pop

Photo: Roman Koval

LA-based artist JXST J takes us into the final stage of emotional grief, aka acceptance, in new single “Like U Used 2.” It’s a slick combo of lo-fi and R&B elements that addresses a breakup where you’re coming into terms that things are over between you and your ex. Yes, it’s painful but there is a melancholic sweetness to the song that reminds you of your newfound freedom to meet other people. And if all fails, you can always get a dog:

On his new single, JXST J shared: “I wrote ‘Like U Used 2’ right in the middle of a bad breakup. I remember going on a walk while it was all happening and getting this thought stuck in my head: ‘you say you don’t love me like u used to, and that’s gonna take some getting used to.’  It became a mantra for me as I started to heal. It’s a melancholic thought, but ultimately it led me to a better place.”

James Pratley Watson is the maestro behind JXST J.