WIINSTON Takes Us Back To Early 00s In New Single “Time”

A reflection of time

Photo: PR courtesy

WIINSTON takes us back to the early 00s with their new guitar-punk single “Time,” a blood-rushing anthem that invites us into a space of reflection. It feels like the soundtrack of your MySpace profile (Millennials, you know what we’re talking about) and a rundown of your memories as the lyrics “Where did all the time go?” slide into your ears. Stream below:

”We suddenly toplined on something that reminded us of those immortal guitar-riffs that keep even the most horrible 20-year old high school B-movie afloat. It has become a strange but amazing paradox between our roots in urban music and a smashed punk-pop track,” WIINSTON shared.

“Time” was co-written and produced by UK/Danish duo RoseGold.