Ava Cherry Make Love Look Fabulous In New Video “Testify Love”


Photo: PR courtesy

“I do it all in the name of love” chants Ava Cherry in her new single “Testify Love.” It’s a bold, celebratory piece from the Chicago-based artist where her vocals swell, soar and thrush seamlessly over the flourishing melody. In “Testify Love,” Ava pays homage to the art of giving and receiving affection unapologetically. She chants with high-tempo splendor as the shimmering cascades of synths induce us into the dancefloor. Graced with subtle twinkling details of 80s disco, the track has a touch of vintage to it while also toying with the drizzling sound of contemporary soulful pop. It is Ava’s own take of nu-soul/pop as she sketches her own emotional map of the meaning of love. Hit the play button:

Ava Cherry grew up in the Southern side of Chicago listening to soul and iconic artists such as Aretha Franklin. Ava’s career is comprised of five decades where she has worked with legendary artists. Her previous record People From Bad Homes was produced by David Bowie, whom she also worked with as backing vocalist between 1974 and 1978. Aside from Bowie, she has worked with Curtis Mayfield, who produced her renowned solo album Ripe!!! in 1980. Following the record, she released the critically acclaimed album Streetcar Named Desire on Capitol Records in 1983. Since then, Ava has released various albums and singles while working with top producers in the industry. Ava is currently working on a new album, which will be released via the Chicago-Miami-based label Wake Up! Music.