Fervence Breaks Down The Tragic Nature Of Controversies In ‘Ghost’

Existential metal

Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from Western US, Fervence is a quartet that is pushing the boundaries of contemporary metal with their own melodic twists. While the classic spirit of metal is nestled at their core, the band brings inflections of alternative elements and rhythmic dynamics to the soundscape. Their debut EP Ghost, is a hauntingly controversial reflection of the human condition.

“Our debut album Ghost is a dialogue on the greater thoughts of what lies beyond the pale, the idea of life again, and the tragic way of contemplating everything in between. The album also delves into the duality of personal value, relationships, toxicity, and what it feels like to be human,” shared Fervence.

The opener “Beneath The Sleeping Earth” has a serene beginning before it explodes into a pure shattering ambience filled with longing and loss. In “Corrosion,” Fervence brings out early 00s alternative ingredients along with waves of drum machines and piercing basslines as the lyrics taps into the search for hope. The track captures our own chaotic mental state when we’re trying to find meaning of our reality yet questioning that reality at the same time. The following track, “The Silent Wall,” is a short interlude from all the bursting euphony and – weirdly enough – feels very appropriate to our current isolation. “Now, we are in this place, confined always” the band chants.

“Surrogate” is what every existential-crisis-facing adult can relate. While the track bleeds melody passion through its incessant riffs, the choruses are slow-burning stretches where the band reflects on our own relationship with time, aging, and changes. In “Paxism,” Fervence immediately throws us into the classic meta arena where they pour out cathartic screams and breakneck beats that feel like rifle shots into our ears.

The penultimate song “Ghost” takes heartbreak into an eerier dimension by using paranormal metaphor. “Ghost” ultimately talks about being haunted by the memory of an ex with enigmatic phrases such as “Disguises and incantations” that hint dishonesty within that relationship. Fervence closes the EP with “The Endless Black I Find” where the quartet pours out another dark feast of feverish drumkicks and razor-sharp strings. The anthem focuses on our tendency to fall back into self-reflections that often can take us into an existential abyss.

Fervence are vocalist Austin Bentley, guitarist Trent Odneal, drummer Josh Mathis, and bassist Jon Daniels. Ghost was co-produced by Jamie King , Nick Loiacono, and Randy Slaugh.