Vistas’ “Summer” Is An Ode To The Best Season Ever

Best season since childhood

Photo: PR courtesy

Vistas pulls our strings of nostalgia with their new track “Summer,” a vibrant, indie rock piece where the trio reminisce the sun-kissed days of festivals, friendships, beach, and many more. Who knows how summer 2020 will look like, but the trio manages to deliver the familiar warm breeze that such season delivers:

“’Summer’ is the oldest track on the album, written all the way back in 2016. We used to play this song a lot but for whatever reason it left our setlist a few years ago.

When we were considering songs for the album we brought out the old demo for ‘Summer’ and we knew it had to go on the record. When it was initially written it was about remembering old Summer holidays from your childhood. However since the song’s creation we’ve experienced four more years of Summers and I thought it was interesting how the feeling of the song was still relevant to me. The feeling was less about reminiscing and more about appreciating how quickly our time passes. I really love this track and I’m so happy it made its way onto the album.”

The track is from their upcoming debut album Everything Changes In The End, which will be out on May 29th.