Adélaide’s “Silent Hope” Nails Our Mood & Dance Routine


Photo: Anya Shvetsova

Berlin-based act Adélaide soundtracked our daily mood with new dance-inducing single “Silent Hope,” and indietronic piece graced with elements of French electronic music and contemporary pop. The track totters between moodiness and buoyancy as the beats offer a constant dose of blood-rush. Stream below:

On his new single, Adélaide shared: “‘Silent Hope’ is our third single, composed, recorded and produced in Berlin. The idea behind that song was to have this raw energy from Indie bands with an electronic polish that would make it sound more mysterious and elegant. The production has been influenced by the French Electronic Music and Pop scene (Sebastien Tellier, Daft punk, Burning Peacock) and international bands we particularly like (The Parcels, The Strokes).”

Adélaide started out as the indie project led by French artist Tanguy de la Panouse, who is originally from the south of France but now lives in Berlin. The project consists of collaborations with various local instrumentalists and producers.