Jamie Lane’s “Sweet/Bitter” Is Here For Your Emotional Crisis

Indietronic pop/R&B

Photo: Tahlia Day

Aussie artist Jamie Lane help us navigate groovily through the emotional crisis that follows unwanted breakup in new single “Sweet/Bitter.” Layered with bouncy synths, chest-swelling ambience, and knocking vocals, the track delivers a cathartic rush that is infused with an undeniable sense of loss:

On his new single, Jamie shared: “This one is pretty personal, it’s basically about being involved and in love with someone to the point where it blinds you from the underlying incompatibilities and clashing of values. A blinding as chronic as the will to suppress those feelings. You want it to work out, or maybe you don’t want to be alone. You become so attached and tangled up in someone else’s world, you forget your own world, including the instinct that maybe that person isn’t right for you, and you’re doing yourself a disservice by refusing to be honest about it. This song is about the turbulent emotional state that preceded the eventual decision to end it.”

Jamie is currently making final touches to his upcoming debut album, so stay tuned.