Midnight Pool Party’s “Nonchalant” Is For Everyone Caught In Unwanted Social Situations

Party track

Photo: Midnight Pool Party

If you find yourself in a highly discomforting social situation, play Midnight Pool Party’s latest single “Nonchalant.” It’s a twerk-ready piece where the shimmering disco ball has been glossed with elements of hip-hop and R&B, letting you dance no matter how bad your surroundings may be – hit play:

On the new single, the duo shared: “I wrote this song because I found myself deep in a social situation that I shouldn’t have involved myself in, and all I could do was relax and try and stay cool. So this was my way of expressing that situation in my life. We hope this song brings a little bit of happiness into the world which is so full of fear and anxiety right now. We hope it makes you smile.”

Be on the lookout for more beats from Midnight Pool Party this year.