alextbh Waltzes With Emotional Duality In New Video “Moments”


Still from alextbh – Moments (Official Video)

Malaysian artist alextbh captures the emotional duality that we can carry after a breakup in new video “Moments.” Through shades of blues and stunning choreography, alextbh channels the aftereffects of past heartache that starts infiltrating into the current relationship. It’s a slow-burning melody that breezes with visceral moodiness, leaving a subtle sense of self-doom:

According to alextbh, “The prelude to the next chapter of my story, ‘Moments’ explores the strained duality arising from being bruised in the aftermath of a broken romance and attempting to avoid channeling that negative energy into the next one (though not always succeeding). It’s a vicious cycle, but one easy to fall into; this song uncovers that dilemma.”

“Moments” is from alextbh’s upcoming debut EP The Chase, which will be out on June 12th via Empire.