Bikini Trill Taps Into The Beauty Of Isolation In “Higher”

A celebratory me-time anthem

Photo: Madison Kymberlin

LA-based surf pop trio Bikini Trill navigates through the beauty of isolation in new single “Higher,” a kaleidoscopic pop piece where the three explore self-growth through creativity. Glossed with swirling synth layers, “Higher” bounces seamlessly as it beckons us to use isolation to our advantage. Stream below:

On their new single, Bikini Trill shared: “’Higher’ recognizes the beauty in isolation. The lyric ‘I get higher when I’m down’ is not necessarily a drug reference, but rather a recognition that sometimes the most beautiful and meaningful pieces of art, music, self-realization etc. are born during times of extreme pressure, sadness, and low points in life.”

Bikini Trio are LJ, Tony, and Roach who have previously toured with bands such as 311, The Dirty Heads, The Interrupters, and more. Be on the lookout for more drops from the three this year.