Kidsmoke Addresses The Diffusion Of Depression In “The Bluest You”

Dream pop

Photo: Kidsmoke

Welsh band Kidsmoke addresses the sociopsychological phenomenon of diffusion of depression in new single “The Bluest You.” Anchored with charming moodiness, “The Bluest You” is smudged with a mild dose of shoegaze that gives a dreamy vibe to its pop soundscape. Lyrically, the group highlights how one person can spread his/her depression to others – enjoy this with your roommate:

In their own words: “This song is a live favourite of ours. It is a fly on the wall look into a household where one person’s depression is affecting everyone else who lives there. The song doesn’t address the feelings of the person suffering with depression, it is a sort of commentary from the viewpoint of the rest of the family.”

“The Bluest You” is from their upcoming album, which they’ll be sharing more details soon.